Hubei Deshang Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.



Growth with our clients together


Caro and all of us in the team, believe that we are needed by our clients, they need our professional skill and service, and we believe that our future depend on the satisfaction from our clients, because our products can help them to solve their problem, to make them beautiful and self-confident, to help them enthusiastic for their fashion hair, to help them get better quality products and service in cheaper price, to make them happy and satisfy at all.

Our price


The raw material is purchased directly from the source, our skillful workers had been worked more than 5 years, so we can save some cost in the process of production, and it can be better price for bulk production, because we can produce it in large scale, that’s why we can supply higher quality products in cheaper price.

Our package

Environmental materials is used for our package, we can design and produce the package for our clients, and we can produce the package as our client’s design too. It’s a important part of the products, so we pay more attention to the package, to enhance the total figure of the products.

Committed to close cooperation with our clients, just like we are a part of our clients. —— Crao chen