Hubei Deshang Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.



Story of Deshang Hair

Caro Chen, the founder of Deshang Hair, is the key person of our team. Many years ago, when Caro graduated from the college, he had been in this field of hair products, in very diligent and love, he had communicated and studied from clients, to learn everything about the hair products, whether it is production process, raw materials, fashion trends, as well as needs of clients, As a super salesman, Caro had gone around the world, such as London, Paris, NewYork, etc, he knew what is need for this field and for clients. In order to provide better and stable quality of hair products, Deshang factory is founded by Caro. From the purchase of raw material, to the improvement of production process, caro and his team work hard together, so Deshang factory had developed from small to large, from rental plant to build our own factory, we had developed and grew continuely, with our clients in value sharing and growing together.


Team of Deshang Hair


The Key person-Caro chen- is a serious and dedicated person, very enthusiastic, we think him as a good friend not a boss, all of us worked hard and happy, for the same target we had made, we are still a stable teamgroup since so many years ago, our team more like a family of common progress and mutual care. As a cooperative and mature team, we are also a young team, the average age is 35 years old, so we will serve for you and your products with enthusiastic andserious.